Frequently Asked Questions

What is the schedule?

Saturday May 17th, Workshop day: Schedule depends on our partners but most workshops should take place in the afternoon from 2pm to 6pm.
Monday May 19th, Conference day: Doors open at 9am, talks will last until 6:30pm with lunch served to all attendees. After 6:30pm, we invite you to stay in the Theater for a cocktail and afterparty!

Who are the organizers?

The conference is organized by @sylvinus and his dotConferences team. Email us if you want to help!

What is the language of the talks?

As we welcome attendees and speakers from all over the world, all the talks are in English.

I'm in a French company, can I use the formation professionnelle?

Yes! We have a dedicated page in French: Formation.

What makes the talks special?

Unlike most other tech conferences, we will have a single track with 18-minutes talks, to keep all the audience focused and interested!

Will this be yet another crazy expensive conference?

No. This is a conference by hackers for hackers. Thanks to our partners, we try to keep the price below 150€ (Late Bird tickets may be more expensive).

How can I convince my boss to let me go to dotScale?

Here are the advantages that both you and your company will benefit from by attending dotScale:

  • Have better understanding of Scalability, DevOps and Distributed Systems by discussing directly with experts about new tools and processes you use at work
  • Get a wealth of knowledge, in a condensed period of time and be able to return information and tips to your team
  • Write a feedback post on your company website and show it is a great place to work at
  • Meet developer community members from around the world and forge valuable connections. Get assistance on your daily project, find the right developers to hire...
  • Share a great experience with prospects, customers and partners attending the conference
  • Learn by practicing during workshops organized by our partners
  • Get valuable training for relatively little cost
  • Register through the French "formation professionnelle" and make financing of your tickets by your company much easier
  • Take a day off to Paris to reenergize yourself and be even more efficient afterwards
What is the diff with dotScale 2013?

Thanks to all your input in our feedback forms, we are continuously improving our events! This year we will make the following patches:
  - Have slightly shorter breaks
  - Do a better job of managing the food throughput to have some left for the cocktail ;-)
  - Continue to seek even more technical talks

We are deeply commited to creating the best tech conferences we possibly can and will keep improving. Please continue sending us your feedbacks!