The dotScale Prize is a $10,000 award to the most innovative open source project in the fields of scalability, distributed systems and DevOps.

Selection timeline

  • April 16th - April 28th: Nomination period (Open to everyone)
  • April 30th - May 18th: Voting period (Open to dotScale attendees)
  • May 19th: Winner announced at dotScale

The Prize

The dotScale Prize is made possible by our partner exoscale. It consists of $5,000 in cash + $5,000 in exoscale infrastructure credits.

The winning project will also benefit from increased visibility and a public call to contributions in the dotConferences community. We will generally try to help out in any way we can!

Nomination guidelines

The dotScale prize aims to reward and stimulate innovation in open source. Projects that can be nominated must:

  • Be less than 3 years old (since their first public release)
  • Be related to scalability, distributed systems and DevOps. This includes databases, automation tools, developer productivity tools, monitoring tools, ...
  • Use one of the OSI-approved licenses

There are no requirements on being able to attend dotScale or being a physical person, company or foundation.

Voting process

Nominations are now over.

While everyone can nominate a project, the top 10 submitted projects will be open to a vote by the dotScale attendees. This ensures votes are unique and representative of this community.

A vote should answer the question "Which project has the potential of helping me the most in the next 12 months?"


Why aren't projects over 3 years old eligible?

We want to focus on projects where the impact of the $10,000 prize would be the most helpful, as well as making sure small projects don't compete against large foundation-backed projects.

How is exoscale involved in this prize?

We are lucky to have found a great partner in exoscale, one who shares our values and showed great interest in giving back to the community. They are supplying the prize money as well as infrastructure credits so that the winning project can enjoy free hosting and resources for a while. Of course, just like us, they won't be involved in the voting process.

I have feedback or questions on this prize. Where do I send them?

This is our first prize and we are sure there are things to improve. Please send us all your feedback to [email protected]. Thanks!

About exoscale

exoscale is the safe home for your cloud applications.

They enable customers to rent computing resources from a dead simple and self-service infrastructure portal, hosted in multiple zones in Switzerland. In one of the last countries allowing un-tamperable data storage, they ensure your data and services are safe from technical or legal harm.

Through instance performance, automation and to the minute billing, they carry out their mission to help SaaS companies and developers focus on what they do best and taking scaling worries off their hand while providing outstanding availability and a close-by support.