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About Criteo

You may know Criteo as the world leader in digital performance advertising. You may even have heard that we are the fastest growing tech company in Europe and opening offices across the world (16 as we speak). But do you know that our R&D team is one of the largest web teams in Europe? Have you ever wondered what kind of infrastructure it takes to absorb over 500,000 HTTP requests per second? What kind of machine learning can finely personalize over 2.7 billion display ads per day? What a datacenter processing petabytes of data every day looks like?

Our Mission

Criteo's ad delivery technology enables e-commerce companies to leverage large volumes of granular data to efficiently and effectively engage and convert customers. What you'll really love is how we do it...

Our proprietary technology takes an algorithmic approach to managing the billions of unique adverts that are created and displayed at lightning fast speeds. Our R&D team of 200+ engineers is building the next generation of digital advertising technologies that allow us to manage billions of ad impressions every month. A few figures:

  • 6 datacenters on 3 continents
  • More than 6000 servers and a storage of 20 Petabyte for our cluster
  • 30B HTTP requests and 2.5B unique banners displayed per day
  • Peak traffic: 600K HTTP requests per second

Our engineers develop the infrastructure and customer-facing tools that allow us to serve this high volume of ads and manage our advertisers’ inventory and our publisher partners. We are working in a very fast-paced release cycle and are adding new capabilities weekly and even daily.

You want to know more or curious about what our engineers have to say about us ? see our latest videos here.