About IBM and BlueMix

BlueMix is the latest cloud offering from IBM. It enables organizations and developers to quickly and easily create, deploy, and manage applications on the cloud. BlueMix is an implementation of IBM's Open Cloud Architecture based on Cloud Foundry, an open source platform as a service (PaaS). BlueMix delivers enterprise-level services that can easily integrate with your cloud applications without you needing to know how to install or configure them.

What is Cloud Foundry?

Cloud Foundry is an open source platform as a service (PaaS) that lets you quickly create and deploy applications on the cloud. Because of its open source roots, Cloud Foundry is not vendor specific and does not lock you into proprietary software or cloud infrastructure. Cloud Foundry abstracts the underlying infrastructure needed to run a cloud, letting you focus on the business of building cloud applications. The beauty of Cloud Foundry is that it provides choice. Developers and organizations can choose:

  • Development Frameworks: Cloud Foundry supports Java™ code, Spring, Ruby, Node.js, and custom frameworks
  • Application Services: Cloud Foundry offers support for MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, and custom services
  • Clouds: Developers and organizations can choose to run Cloud Foundry in Public, Private, VMWare and OpenStack-based clouds.

What is BlueMix?

BlueMix is an implementation of IBM's Open Cloud Architecture, based on Cloud Foundry, that enables you to rapidly create, deploy, and manage your cloud applications. Because BlueMix is based on Cloud Foundry, you can tap into a growing ecosystem of runtime frameworks and services. In addition to providing additional frameworks and services, BlueMix provides a dashboard for you to create, view, and manage your applications and services as well as monitor your application's resource usage. The BlueMix dashboard also provides the ability to manage organizations, spaces, and user access.

BlueMix provides access to the services delivered through Cloud Foundry and enhances the capabilities through a rich palette of custom services, provided by IBM and our business partners, including web-scale messaging, data caching, mobile solution services, cognitive computing, enterprise data management, Internet of Things integration and many more.

For developers, BlueMix further optimizes the time you spend creating cloud application. You no longer have to be concerned about installing software or having to deal with virtual machine images or hardware. With a few clicks or keystrokes, you can provision instances of your applications with the necessary services to support them. This streamlining translates countless hours of setting up, configuring, and troubleshooting into time spent rapidly innovating and reacting to never-ending requirement changes.


IBM BlueMix delivers basic and enterprise-level services that enterprise organizations need to make their cloud applications ready and available to their customers when they need it and where they need it most. Because of its underlying open source technologies, BlueMix provides the flexibility to integrate the development frameworks and services that suit your needs.

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