Linkfluence – a leading Social Media Intelligence company – specializes in analyzing conversations on the social web (Facebook, Twitter, Online Media, Blogs, Forum, Social Networks) to create business opportunities for brands. Linkfluence offers a unique and powerful solution to monitor, measure, understand and engage efficiently on the social web.

Linkfluence manages large scale, real-time data processing and provides clients with strategic information thanks to geocoding technologies, scoring technologies and language recognition. Linkfluence also specializes in mapping the social web and analyzing brands’ environments.

Linkfluence is a young, high-achieving company mixing programming and social science skills to match client’s needs that are becoming more international and sophisticated every day. Linkfluence is used to work with people and firms from sectors as diverse as the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, telecommunications, banks and the automotive industry. Among Linkfluence’s major clients are: McDonald’s, Google, Société Générale, Pernod Ricard, EDF, Adidas.

Founded as a start-up company by 4 engineers in 2006, Linkfluence has grown to become a key player in the European Social Media Intelligence field. Linkfluence is currently established in France and Germany and is looking forward to opening a new office in Great Britain very soon.