About Outscale

Outscale provides a Cloud IaaS platform to developers willing to gain autonomy and flexibility when creating new apps:

  • on-demand resources: Outscale provides physical resources - CPU, RAM, storage - packaged in highly customizable VMs, so you work with an environment that fits your needs
  • on-demand PaaS: use Outscale standard VM images or create your own ones to meet your very specific requirements. Standard images include various flavours of GNU/Linux and Windows
  • code means control: your code controls your VMs lifecycle, from creation to destruction, thanks to SOAP APIs - compatible with the AWS EC2 ones, if you’ve heard of them
  • ease your deployment: deploy custom test, integration and production platforms when you need them, for as long (either as short) as you need them
  • apps with perfs: Outscale’s Cloud IaaS is designed to supply low-latency and high-performance services, using cutting-edge technology hardware and strong connectivity within its points-of-presence, near Paris (FR) and Boston (US)
  • don’t get lost: Outscale offers a frequently updated documentation and technical support is available 24/7
  • give feedback: Outscale develops its own Cloud Manager, TINA OS, offering us a full control over new features implementation and a complete liberty in our technological choices. Any suggestion and feedback will always be welcomed

Why we are partnering with dotScale

First of all, the conference have a wonderful name, doesn’t it? Outscale is the first french pure player providing a Cloud IaaS platform; it seemed obvious to be partners with this great technical event, where techies meet gurus to talk about scalability, which is one of the very focus of the Cloud. We enjoy the opportunity to exchange with power users, understand how we can improve our services and feel the trends so we can adapt and provide the best service ever. In other words: dotScale’s the place to be!

Want to know more about Outscale ? Check outscale.com and follow us on @outscale