About Restlet

Restlet, creator of the pioneer RESTful web API framework for Java, is at the origin of APISpark, a full stack PaaS for web APIs. APISpark lets you create, host or manage your web APIs in a flash.

Our goal is to democratize web APIs, making it as enjoyable and efficient as possible for all stakeholders, project managers, architects and developers. Restlet is a company created in 2008 with offices in the Silicon Valley and Europe.

Our products:

  • Open Source Web API Framework Restlet Framework is the leading RESTful web API framework for Java. Its unique Java API is available on both client and server sides, in six consistent editions: Java SE, Java EE, Android, GAE, GWT and OSGi!
  • Full Stack PaaS for Web APIs APISpark is the cloud service of the Restlet platform. Create your API from scratch on the platform or complete your Restlet-based web API with always up-to-date API documentation, auto-generated client SDKs, user management, API firewall and usage reports.